What is BUZZle?

First of all: This is "Buzz L.E." (meaning "Buzz Logic Enhanced"), which has neither to do with "Buzzle", the German name of the Runes game (B. Eberle, J. Kittredge, P. Olotka 1981), nor with the Buzzle Directory.

This is about music!

BUZZle is a free (non-commercial) modular music composing and sequencing tool with lots of innovative features. It is Bernhard Slawik's all new version of the famous Buzz-Composer. Since the development of the original Buzz-Software stopped somewhere in October 2000, a lot of patches have been released to keep the oldie but goldie program up-to-date (e.g. Buzz Overloader, Buzz Plus, ...), but what's now been done is a complete re-write of Buzz – called BUZZle.

BUZZle doesn't "re-invent the wheel", but it shows how you can "spin it even faster": Finally you can use "new age" features on the reliable Buzz technology: use a piano roll, insert sub-ticks, select multiple machines, export XML, ... simply be a better musician!



BUZZle is a successor to Buzz with new features. BUZZle loads almost every Buzz machine and BMX/BMW file available. In addition: VST's, VSTi's and some more audio APIs are planned to be natively loadable.


This is about music - not about money. Just like Buzz, BUZZle is free for anyone.


The GUI of BUZZle is light and powerful. It will remind you of the old Buzz GUI (with no 3D controls - everything is clean and friendly). You won't see hundreds of fancy buttons on your screen, instead keyboard shortcuts are used.


The big difference between Buzz and BUZZle lies in the quick access: Just with a tap of a key you can synchronize BUZZle like a DJ does with his records – or take your MIDI-controller and simply start jamming right away! Since I am doing live acts with Buzz myself, I really know which features are a must for live performance - so I built them in!


Undo/Redo/History/Batch-Processing, Inter-operability with other musical software (MIDI, MusicXML, Reason, ReWire, NetMIDI, FruityLoops) as well as Multi-User-Editing and "Network-Musicianing" are in development.