And here's where the fun starts... :-)
BUZZle ist currently at BETA state – that means that there are still bugs in the enigne and you may encounter the software crashing or behaving unwanted.
So: Use it at your own risk!


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Machines (Instruments)

In order to use BUZZle (or Buzz) you need instruments. These Instruments (called "Machines" or "Gear") are not included in the BUZZle installer.
In order to get some, visit the known resources:
  • (the definitive world-wide Buzz machine archive – Get the massive packs for a good start)

Pretty Fast FFT R14

HotKey's freeware OpenGL FFT analyzing tool featuring: stereo integer FFT (log. corrected), phase correlator (including phase-deletion), static-phase oscillators, approximated "phon"-corrected volumes, sub-bass scaling ability, sonogram, ... and it actually looks hypnotically fancy ;-)

Screenshot / Quick Manual

Download file [pfFFT_R13_Hints.jpg] ()


Download file [PrettyFastFFT_14.exe] ()

PalmOS (experimental)

Download file [pFFT.prc] ()

Other Stuff

Old Downloads...

You can find the old download page (FFT, BUZZpeed, Pix/Videos ...) here