Links to various resources connected to BUZZle.
Disclaimer: As usual, I am not responsible for the content of pages I am hyperlinking to.
  • Buzz RMX - Nice Buzz clone for Windows [based on zzublib]
  • - awesome 1:1 Buzz clone named "buz" [based on zzublib]
  • Aldrin - Buzz-like sequencer for Linux [based on zzublib]
  • - Buzz for Linux - in full synergy with BUZZle
  • LAZARUS - Open Source cross platform RAD IDE. BUZZle v0.01 is written in LAZARUS.
  • - A powerful programming language. BUZZle v0.01's internal scripting language is planned to be python.
  • - the guys who make the donation possible (although taking round 5% fees... damn capitalizm...)